GOLDEN REVIEW Book! “The Innsmouth Syndrome” by Philip Hemplow

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“  The Innsmouth Syndrome is one of the best Innsmouth stories I have read since first discovering Brian Lumley. ” Jeffrey B. Powers

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Veteran epidemiologist Carla Edwards has been dispatched by the C.D.C. to investigate a cluster of inexplicable mutations among the young people of Innsmouth, a sickly and destitute town on the Massachusetts coast. Initially skeptical, she rapidly discovers that the true mystery is older and more horrifying than anything for which her training has prepared her. As the danger mounts, a double helix of history and urban folklore draws her inexorably to the door of a sinister, evangelical cult – and beyond the limits of her science and belief.


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An absolutely stellar debut by new writer Philip Hemplow, “The Innsmouth Syndrome” is just short of a novella length retelling of the classic H.P. Lovecraft tale, THE SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH. Hemplow’s story is written in a modern style and follows the investigation of a CDC physician punitively assigned to uncover the strange circumstances involving a car accident and several teenagers. The heroin is portrayed as every bit Lovecraft’s classic outsider, and Hemplow’s denoumont is decidedly and respectfully Lovecraftian. Hemplow’s only flaw lies in the decidedly British vocabulary and idiomatic speech of his characters, who are supposedly American. Unfortunately, his toughs sound like hoodies from the East End, and the protagonist’s English is just a little too Central London. Otherwise an absolute winner. Absolutely recommended, and a must-read for Lovecraft fans of any sort.   – Odysseus

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