FREE Kindle Book! “My 40s Unfiltered” by Laura Schaefer

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Have you ever wondered what women have to say about their lives–without the media filter? Grab this collection of candid women sharing their thoughts about the good, the bad and the unexpected when it comes to their forties. Here’s a small sampling:

“Best thing overall is just the clarity, the sense of what really matters and what does not.”

“The most surprising thing about my forties that I would have never, ever, ever, ever expected is that life just keeps getting better.”

“There are a number of conversations that are still tough to have, even with so many taboos broken.”

“I will say, your sex drive increases at 40…I’m hotter now than ever.”

My 40s Unfiltered is a short Kindle Singles-style book of about 25 pages–perfect for reading on your lunch hour or in transit.

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