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Someone is stealing souls, and Cay’s is next.

Where Cayenne Jensen grew up, Warrior Rock Lighthouse stands sentinel above waters split by Sauvie Island, Washington and Oregon states, and the good and evil intentions of a serial killer.

Found adrift in a storm-tossed boat on the Columbia River, four-year-old Cay believes the lighthouse shadows have forever hidden the reason she was abandoned, and her mother’s fate. Now, as an adult, she is drowning in the dark and frigid currents of losing her husband, her home, and being suspected of murder.

The secrets of her past, and how they tie to her present, remain hidden—until an innocent encounter makes her the target of a twisted mind. To survive, Cay must cut open memories, face her fears, and follow a trail of raw bones into the killer’s lair.

“Split River” carries the reader through an idyllic world of lush vegetation, wildlife, and island people, as a young woman struggles to channel her fractured life streams and wash clear the mystery of Warrior Rock.


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