Spotlight Book! “The Diadem” by OJ Connell

 The veil that divides the worlds of the living and the dead – a fixture which has largely shielded mankind from the supernatural throughout history – has been known occasionally to diminish. Due to such fluctuations, human beings are sometimes accosted by phantoms and other curious sorts from the shadows…

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Salvador Dobson, a wealthy antique collector, ends up with more than he bargained for after purchasing a rare diadem at auction. While at first he is taken with its stunning beauty, its true nature is soon revealed to him. When he finds a terrifying apparition emerging from the diadem, he calls paranormal investigator Edgar Sullivan to exorcise it.

Sullivan’s initial attempts aren’t successful, however. The spirit possessing the diadem is of a strange and powerful sort, and is unlike anything the investigator has ever encountered. He soon comes to realize that the spirit he seeks to get rid of may be the harbinger of something terrible.

Sullivan and his client are thrust into a battle with a wicked spirit that threatens to spark a spiritual war between the living and the dead. Will Sullivan, stripped of his spiritual techniques, be able to find a way to exorcise the evil apparition and avert disaster?



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