Spotlight Book! “Visits From Beyond: True Stories of After Death Encounters” by C.A. Starfire

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An inspiring collection of true after death encounters ranging from poignant to funny to heartwarming. Submitted by ordinary people who experienced something extraordinary, they remind us that we’re more than our physical bodies and that our loved ones still love us after death.


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 C. A. Starfire has captured and compiled several life after death encounters where the author’s of each story offer comfort and hope where there was none before. If you’ve lost a loved one, or are coming to grips with the death of a pet, or other loved one, this book will open your eyes to another reality. Compelling and rich, this compilation of stories of life beyond death encounters will grab the reader!

True accounts, experienced by a variety of people from all walks of life, are shared here with eloquent and gripping sincerity. These stories, each telling a different tale, are filled with a deep and abiding love for each of the family members who experienced them. Whether their stories are about beloved pets, children that have passed on, or significant others who have shared their love across space and time, each story held me captivated with the author’s sincerity and honesty in regards to remaining true to the people who have shared their stories with her. I loved this little book. It’s an excellent read for anyone who believes in life after death, has had an experience themselves, or is a seeker on the Path. A message of hope from beyond, thank you C. A. for sharing these gems!

Janet Carpenter


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