Spotlight Book! “Cydni Hazard, Empathic Detective” by L.S. Hullinger

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Twelve-year-old Cydni Hazard wants two things in life: to be able to use her empathic abilities to connect with her deceased mother, and to become a professional paranormal detective. In order to get what she wants, she feels she must learn as much as possible from her spiritually gifted Aunt Ettie, all the while keeping her supernatural talents hidden from her skeptical father.
But no matter where Cydni goes, the spirit world hunts her down, and brings stray cats with mystical messages that she must decipher to keep her life on a somewhat normal keel.
That’s not easy when her empathic nature leads her into unfamiliar territory and behavior. She never knows where she’ll be going, what she’ll be doing and who will be influencing her, guiding her to unravel the latest paranormal mystery.
So when she spends a week at Aunt Ettie’s new house and learns the small town of Blue Star claims to have a haunted pond, Cydni is spiritually led to discover the truth.

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Cydni Hazard, Empathic Detective is a novel geared toward the middle-grade age group, roughly ages 9-12. It touches on topics of being different, something I am sure any preteen could relate to and embrace and understand.

The story was well written and the characteristics were realistic. As a parent, I could easily picture Cydni as someone that my 9 year old could relate to and understand.

While using the realm of the supernatural, the author touches on topics of being different and growing up, though through veiled references. We watch the character use her abilities to help a new friend, a boy that she does not know how she feels about. I was instantly transported to my own 12th year, remembering the awkwardness of meeting new people and being different, although my being different was nothing like what Cydni has. I really do not know what else to say, except that I got this kind of warm and fuzzy feeling that one would hope to find in a story geared to this age group.

I overall felt the story was well written and enjoyable. I cannot wait until my daughter gets a little older to share this story with her! – destinyisntfree


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