Spotlight Book! “Dark Waters” By Dayna Pearce and Gayle Miller

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Dark Waters (volume one) is the first book in the science fiction and fantasy series Dark Waters. It tells the story of Malichi, a man forged in the heat of battle, who is on a quest for justice. Malichi travels across ancient lands with his loyal sidekick Xavier by his side battling a nightmarish, blood thirsty race of shape shifters known as Amalyians. They have dark, stretched leathery skin, razor sharp teeth, long lethal talons and a barbed tail making them the perfect predator. Amongst the Amalyians is one so vile that he cannot rest until he brings her to justice. His justice. While Malichi tries to bring peace to their world, the Amalyians plot against him. Will Malichi get justice and restore peace or will the Amalyians defeat him?

This reader loved it!

Excellent story. A fantasy world to dive into and camp out in for awhile. Once you start reading, prepare to be sucked in for the duration of the story. Definite must read.   – Meagan E. Thompson

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