GOLDEN REVIEW Book! “The Bee Bully” By Angela Muse

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This is the story of a grumpy bee who learns that treating others with kindness is the best way to earn friends.


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Kids love rhyming stories and this one is far less forced than most. The moral is not subtle but sometimes in teaching our children we want a direct message instead of “high art”. An important point, brought out in the pictures is that Mr. Bee looks sad when he’s mean and looks gleefully happy went he changes. I put great value on the opportunities grown ups have to discusses these kinds of life changes with children. They strengthen society and enrich each individual’s life.
The art is some of the best! As an author and illustrator of children’s books I love subtleties that create adult/ child teaching moments and write in such a way that after, lets say, a tenth reading the reader and listener notices new themes in the drawings and story. An adult can ask, “Gracie’s Grandfather liked to make a jokes for others but did he like them himself?” – Nancy Mauerman


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