Spotlight Book! “A Fine Mess” by Lina Gimble

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A handsome hermit with a huge fine. A librarian determined to collect. Romance was overdue…

Prudence Chairheart gladly trades a chaotic life in the shadow of her famous mother for the blissfully calm of the Pennisqual Public Library. All is quiet on the library front, until she discovers Jack Baylor, library outlaw, borrowing privileges abuser, and hermit owes $3437.65 in library fines. When her fine notices go unanswered, Pru vows to collect from the mysterious Mr. Baylor even if it means visiting his creepy house in person. Even if it means telling a teeny, tiny lie. Now Pru must never let him discover her true identity or he may want his money back. For Jack, the only thing bigger than his library fine is the secret of why he’s hiding out in a crumbling mansion. With a mistaken identity and $3437.65 between them, does romance stand a chance? Maybe, but first Pru and Jack will have to untangle A FINE MESS.
Another light, fun romance from the keyboard of Lina Gimble.

Approx. 225 pages
Still not convinced? This reader sure seemed to love it!


I loved this book. It is a light, fun read. Just a nice, romantic story that is so well written that it draws you in quickly and completely. I was so disappointed when I finished the book, I wanted it to go on longer. Also, this book includes the sexiest non-sex scenes I think I’ve ever read. I hope the author writes more, because I’ll buy and read anything she writes.  – lq

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  1. This was a great, fun book. The screwball comedy of errors that Prudence goes through to collect Jack’s huge library fine is hilarious.

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