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A short story about the grisly work of a hired killer whose work finally catches up with him.

Boyd was paid to kill the man and bury his body in a Welsh forest. He’d done it many times before, the job was no different to all the others.

Except this time the body won’t stay buried. Relentlessly pursued by the ghost of his most recent job, Boyd is forced to question his line of work, until the pressure finally builds to breaking point.


Praise for Unfamiliar Country

“Crisp writing and real insight into characterisation, it’s all here. The author is a novelist in waiting, that wait will be well worth it.” Jake Barton, bestselling author of Burn, Baby, Burn and Blood.

“If this is a taste of the author’s style, then I will look out for any future work he produces. ” Declan Conner, author of Survival Instinct (The dark side of dating).

“Concise and atmospheric – a real sense of stomach-churning unease…” (Books Monthly)

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