How to Utilize FaceBook to Grow Your Fan Base

Ahhhhh FaceBook.

It has it’s advantages AND it’s disadvantages.

It is one of the harder ways to get a following, but it is one of the funnest places to interact WHEN you get that following.

One of the best free ways to get some good friends is to join as many groups on FaceBook (about books/reading/etc.) and be interactive and interesting.

A great place to start is this page:

It’s pretty new but already has a strong following. Go there and check out it’s mission statement, it’s pretty awesome!

DO NOT JUST SPAM them with your books. That is not very effective. Even if you do gain a sale you are easily losing 10 you COULD have had.

Keep notes so you can keep track of what groups you are a part of.
(Lists are my friends; I love them!)

If you interact with someone who seems interesting – take the first step and friend request THEM. (This will only work if you are using your normal facebook profile and not a fan page)


Another effective strategy is to get a large following on Twitter and promote your fan page or personal profile once every couple of days. Say something like
“Let’s connect on FaceBook”

Like and/or follow them BACK if they have a fan page / profile they share with you. It’s only polite 🙂

It is much easier to get a large following on Twitter; find out more here:

Now, FaceBook has one of the BEST paying ways to get a fan base.
They actually have an awesome way to target your EXACT market.

If you go to their advertising page
You can check out of their different options.
They other GREAT thing about FaceBook advertising is that you can set a daily budget. So you can advertise for ONLY three dollars a day for 5 days or something similar.

You can target people who “Read Books”.
ONLY those people will see your ad.
Pretty cool right?
And no, I do NOT get any money if you run a campaign. FaceBook doesn’t share 😛

One other GREAT thing about FaceBook is the ability to “go viral” with the right content.

Let’s say you have 100 fans.
One day you post a great picture or a particularly engaging post and a BUNCH of people interact with it.

A lot of their friends will see the post and your page in turn.
It will show up in their timeline as “John Doe just commented on blah blah”

Curiosity is a wonderful thing =)
I have found that I interact with quite a few pages that I haven’t even LIKED because of a friend.
Crazy stuff!

Obviously paying for a fan base sounds crazy. Who does that??
YOU DO if you believe in your book!

Jim Rohn is one of my favorite people and he has a popular saying. It goes:

“The rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left.”

Investing a few dollars in yourself can make you richer in the end.
Only YOU know if you have the money, or how much, to invest in yourself(I realize that the economy has left a lot of people struggling. I have four kids, I’m one of them!) but keep the words of Jim Rohn in the back of your mind.
Is there some kind of “bad habit” you can get rid of? Do you smoke? Drink? Go to the movies?

Cutting back now and investing that money could mean a bigger return and even MORE money to spend on those habits down the road.

“I do what most people WON’T, so someday I will be able to do what others CAN’T”  ~ says someone who isn’t me 😀

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