Spotlight Book! “Deklan Falls: One Against Many” by Bryan W. Alaspa

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From the author of thrillers “RIG: A Novel of Terror,” “The Dead Phone,” and “After the Snowfall” comes his first hard-boiled detective novel.

Deklan Falls is a broken man in a corrupt city. Once he was a cop in Oldtowne, a small city in eastern Ohio that most people don’t know about, and those who live there wish they could forget. Then he become a corrupt cop. Then he became a crusader private eye, and then, when his world blew apart, he crawled into a bottle to die. Then, one day, a filmmaker walks into his office because Deklan can be bought cheap. The documentary filmmaker wants to find the star of a famous adult film from the late 70s who vanished. The film was financed by the mob, made in Oldtowne, and is one of the biggest mysteries in the adult film industry. If Deklan can find out what happened to Faline Forest, star of the world-famous film The Cheerleader, he’ll get a million dollars. That’s enough to get cleaned up, but it means possibly facing off against the mob that rules Oldtowne. He’s been warned twice about that. But maybe, just maybe, if he can figure out what happened to Faline, he can redeem himself. The entire city is against him, but maybe, just maybe, he can fix himself and Oldtowne.

One man broken man in a corrupt city. One very cold missing persons case. One shot at redemption.

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