My Family!

I may not be vain enough to think that people care enough about me to just read a diary of the happenings of my life…….but I can totally slip it in between everything else!

LOL – j/k

I believe that being more than a “stranger” is one of the most important elements to an online presence. So, here is my not so *anonymous* diary.

The first piece to the puzzle that is “me” is of course my wonderful family!
So today you will be meeting them =)










I have four girls. The oldest is my adopted stepdaughter – but she is mine in all but blood.

I feel a little sorry for my husband……….
However, my uterus is feeling a little done (as well as my nerves) so I am thinking girls is all he is getting.
Not to mention that another baby doesn’t mean it won’t be another girl!

Plus, it’s kinda mean at this point to to add a boy.
He would have to be Cinderella. At least Cinderella wears a blue dress 😛

2 Responses to My Family!

  1. They’re sooo cute!! 🙂 I always thought I’d have two girls, but then I ended up with a boy first, so I understand a little about what your husband might be going through. Now we have three pets, all boys, and my husband and son. My daughter and I are vastly outnumbered. 🙂

    • LOL! I can’t imagine being outnumbered 😛
      I did forget to mention that we do have a pet turtle (who is a boy, I found out how to check) and a boy kitten (as well as a girl kitten, so that kind of cancels that out!)
      Funny stuff, families. 😀

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