Spotlight Book! “Hollenguard” by S. Arthur Martin

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The idyllic land of Valice has enjoyed a quiet existence for many centuries beneath the glow of the silver and gold rings that stretch across its sky. It is home to tall vistas and beautiful, green forests, and bordered by a great expanse of rolling mists called ‘the veil.’

At the Inn at the Crossroads, Kamil helps to tend to the many varied patrons and wonders about the wide world that he has never seen. As autumn draws to a close, a boiling storm appears on the horizon and four strangers arrive with dark portents.

Kamil soon finds himself on a journey across the breadth of Valice and far beyond. But when he discovers that the world is being violently consumed behind him, his odyssey becomes a dangerous exodus to the ancient fortress where all of the roads in the land end:

The storied bastion of Hollenguard.

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I picked up this little novel at the behest of a friend, having little or no expectations. I have been on a real fantasy kick lately so this really seemed to fit the bill. While the first few chapters seemed a little slow, it really picked up, and I could literally not put it down. Coming fresh off the heels of a wildly popular Fantasy Series I was not expecting (as mentioned above) to love Hollenguard as much as I did. I wanted to be there, with the characters. I wanted the story to not stop when it did. There are fantasy books that I read and may mildly enjoy, but not recomend to folks. This book I have recomended to not only my fantasy reading friends, but all of my friends. It really is worth the read, and Kudos to S. Arthur Martin for such a fantastic story. I like the people that live in your head, sir.  – hebetoes

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