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A Child Lost in Flight is a first person account of a father coming to grips with the sudden death of his child on an international flight. The story is about his tragedy and the author’s experiences in recovering and moving on.

Air travel continues to be the safest mode of transport though fatal accidents do occur. When the author and his wife lost their baby on an international Jet Airways flight 229, they were heartbroken. The author recollects the birth of Aditya, the reason for international travel with the baby, details of the incident and aftermath. He attempts to make sense of the sudden death and about his drastically changed priorities. In this book, the author combines his analysis of grief, search for answers and explores the time spent in “recovering” and what really helped him move on.

A reviewer Luanne Stevenson blogs “It is unimaginable to comprehend a parent’s pain after losing a child. The struggle to move on may feel impossible, like mountain climbing in flip-flops. But Mohan K’s story reminds the reader that it is possible to move through unimaginable grief and when you reach the summit, you may be scraped and bruised from the climb, but the view from the top will take your breath away. Mohan K’s story is inspiring.”

The story weaves together inspiration and a practical approach to managing crisis and life changing events. It is ultimately about human triumph over tragedy.


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