Attraction Marketing – “Paying it Forward”

One of the MOST effective marketing strategies I have come across is

“Attraction Marketing”.

Attraction Marketing is also one of the HARDEST to pull off successfully.

Basically it is leading people in by curiosity.
In it’s truest sense it would be never selling your product to them directly.
Of course this is incredibly hard for any red blooded person to do! I know I can’t do it!

I can tell you that when I *know* someone has something to sell me, but I don’t KNOW what it is; I HAVE to find out!

Even though I am aware they are pulling their *Jedi Mind Tricks* on me, I still have to know.
I may not BUY, but I still took an interest in them!

Like I said, most people can’t do this very effectively. It’s really hard not to Tweet and/or Face Book about the book you are writing or have written.

Now the second element to this “Attraction Marketing” thing is to find out what you can do to help others. This way they wonder why the heck you are helping them and you come up on their radar.

I can tell you that the most successful Attraction Marketers in any business are those who TRULY care about others.

In order to really pull it off you have to do it selflessly.

Don’t think:
“What can I do for blah blah so they in turn do blah blah for me.” If you think that way, it won’t work very well.
I don’t know why, since you are basically doing the same thing, but it just won’t.

I can tell you that when I started figuring out ways to help other people, EVERYTHING changed.
Maybe it was writing a phone script out for them, or writing a follow up email.

(Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I can write some very attention getting emails……………I mean, it’s no book…but still :P)

Getting a training blog for the Team (not just my team, but everyone in general) or figuring out how to make someone ELSE more effective or more well known.

It just changed everything.

I can tell you that at first I had ulterior motives. I wanted this or that to happen.
Whatever I WANTED to have happen did NOT.
Something much more amazing happened. And continues to happen.
Unfortunately, it is not something you can explain. It is something you have to find out for yourself to truly understand.

I CAN tell you that the effort is worth the effect.

When I got a crazy hair up my butt and decided I maybe wanted to publish my half finished books one day, the first thing I thought of was marketing.

Obviously I am an Internet Marketer, I know that just because something is “out there” doesn’t mean it is going to be found.

I went on a brain storming session and found something I could offer to the reading community.
A way to give back.
Why? Because I know that something good ALWAYS comes from it.

What it is…..I have no idea! I may never even FINISH my books.

I can tell you that at first my motives weren’t all that great. They weren’t bad, but I was thinking of myself, and my own *theoretical* books.

About a month into this endeavor I can tell you that even if I NEVER write a book I will continue to help you amazing Authors.
Why? Because you’re awesome!

I have never met a better group of people.
If the only thing I have to show for all my effort is making YOU and YOUR books more well known………….that will be OK with me!

Now, go pay it forward!
Go find something YOU can do to help another Author (or human being) in general.

Great things will come. I promise.

Let me know what you think!