GOLDEN REVIEW Book! “Water Witch” by Thea Atkinson

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ALAYSHA is a witch who has more power than she can control and her father uses that gift to decimate his enemies. Over her eighteen years, her power has enabled him to become the Emir of a large land, where even as the conqueror’s daughter, she suffers the prejudice and fear of those around her. When she is asked to use her psychic ability to annihilate yet another peaceful village, she doesn’t realize it is the last of her own mother’s tribe, and only discovers too late that the battle she has won for her father may cost her the only connection she has to her past, and with it the secrets to managing her gift.

She needs to find the one person who managed to escape her power, the charismatic Yenic, a youth who seems to know more than he wants to tell and who has become the target of her father’s next campaign. With orders to kill, she sets out on a mission of her own very much in contrast to the one her megalomaniac father wishes her to fulfill. The trouble is, there is someone else out there who would use the water witch and her magic for his own gain, and unless she can find a way to consolidate who is the real enemy from supposed ones, her entire homeland of Sarum, the only three people she loves, and countless other innocent people will die.

Water Witch is the first in a fantasy adventure series that takes the reader on a journey of action and adventure, strong female characters, and of course a touch of steamy romance that will resonate with girls of all ages.  In a world where magic is a liability to those warriors who possess it, sometimes the only rescue is love.


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Being a lifelong reader of fantasy and sci-fi, I was very pleasantly surprised at the originality and freshness in this story. The author not only managed to create unique, rich, vibrant characters, but an entire world that seemed new to me. And while YA is not my usual genre, I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next installment in this excellent series!   – anakronistical

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