Spotlight Book! “Bell, Books, and Sandals” by Melissa L. Webb

This spotlight book has it all! Mystery, romance, and adventure!


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Meet Maxie Duncan. Your average 23-year-old blonde. If you can call being wealthy, gorgeous, and knowing what the future holds at times, average.

After her fiancé blindsides her with a breakup at their favorite restaurant, she leaves Maine for a shot at being Hollywood’s new ‘it girl.’ There’s only one problem. She’s never acted a day in her life.

When a big Hollywood director sends her packing, she realizes if she wants to stay in L.A., she may have to become a normal girl after all. But normal has never been in the cards for her. Strange things keep happening wherever she goes, a red-eyed shadow no one else sees is stalking her, and to top it off, she may be falling in love again, with either the bookish guy next door, or Hollywood’s hottest leading man.

But everything isn’t what it seems. Someone’s keeping secrets from her. Is it her new friends at the apartment building she moved into? Or is it Ryan Everheart, the actor who wants to sweep her off her feet? And why are her feet suddenly floating off the ground?

It’s enough to drive a girl insane. All Maxie wants to do is ride off into the sunset with her one true love and find a killer pair of Manolo Blahniks on the way. But how’s a girl supposed to focus on a love life and shopping when everywhere she turns someone or something is trying to kill her?

This customer sure enjoyed it, I’m sure you will as well!

Maxie is a character that bares a resemblance (at least she does to me) to Cher from “Clueless,” but older. I pictured her as Alicia Silverstone circa 1995 for the entire book. We start off with Maxie having the unthinkable happen to her. She’s been dumped by her fiancee in a rather cruel manner. This has left her examining her life now that the life map she had planned for herself has gone up in flames. The first chapter really shows off Maxie’s self-esteem issues. She thinks that her looks and money are all she has because she’s not THAT girl who can make things happen for herself. She figured she’d marry a rich guy and just live as a rich man’s wife. So what’s she supposed to do with herself now?

She has decided to move, give herself a fresh start and learn how to stand on her own two feet in Los Angeles where she she figures because she’s hot she could be an actress. This doesn’t work, neither does fast fooding or bartending. Meanwhile she’s made new friends and develops relationships that help her grow as a person. She’s got two sweet guys to chose from, a Hot Movie star that people are warning her against and her super sweet book store-owning neighbor. All the while she’s noticed some weird things happening and a strange creature in her building. All weird things come to a head and Maxie discovers that she’s actually a very powerful witch.

I liked this book, it was cute. It’s not the greatest piece of literature of all time but it’s fun and I enjoyed it. It really is all about just finding a place to belong and priorities. Maxie went through a lot of growing as a character and I was really happy for her at the end of the book. If you compare the first and last chapters of the book, it’s really obvious that baby came a long way.

I know this is classified as romance and it does have romantic elements but this for me stands out more as a coming of age type of story.    – Jessica


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