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I have an exceptional daughter. I don’t like to call her “special, handicapped, different or the cruelest word yet, “retarded.” I like to call her exceptional because she is exceptional in each and every way. I have been asked many times, “What was it like being told you had a special daughter?” “What was your first feeling about it?” What is it like raising her now? “What are the challenges and difficulties you encounter with her every day?”
I hope “A Different Journey” is the answer to all those questions. I have tried to present the joys and sorrows of raising an exceptional child in an honest and forthright manner. I have not sugar-coated the experience nor do I think I have glorified it. I have no exaggerated nor dramatized the events. I have simply told my story. And if it helps someone raising an exceptional child, or any child for that matter, the effort and time I have dedicated to this book will be well spent.

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