Spotlight Book! “The Luck of Han’anga by Thomas Watson

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For hundreds of years the Commonwealth has expanded into space, seeking another intelligent species to no avail. Then they found the Leyra’an, a species so much like Humanity it defied belief. But before this mystery can be resolved, there is a darker matter to be dealt with. For someone else found the Leyra’an first, and started a war.


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I’ve never written a book review before, but after reading The Luck of the Han’anga I felt compelled to tell others about it. I’ve been an avid consumer of SF for the better part of 50 years now, and ‘First Contact’ stories have always intrigued me. This story ended up more than just intriguing me, it enthralled me. The universe that Watson has created seemed so reasonable, such a logical progression of the human story that it was almost not necessary to suspend one’s belief. Then there are the Leyra’an, who are so much like the humans of the Commonwealth, but with a hint of inscrutability. And Watson adds long-lost cousins, space-battles, love, friendship, sacrifice, and a liberal dose of science fact with some tantalizing hints of what’s to come in subsequent stories. Watson’s easy prose pulls you into the story, making this a very difficult book to put down. My only question is, when can I buy the next part of the story?   – Steve Howser


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3 Responses to Spotlight Book! “The Luck of Han’anga by Thomas Watson

  1. Wow, sounds like an amazing story!

    • Doesn’t it? It is on my ever rapidly growing “to read” list.
      I can’t believe I used to not know what book to read next!
      THANK YOU for keeping me entertained =)

  2. Annie, Ann and Steve–I couldn’t agree more with the two fine comments on The Luck of Han’anga. I enjoyed the book so much that I posted a review on Amazon, and am impatient to read the sequel! I had enjoyed Thomas Watson’s prior non-fiction book, Mr. Olcott’s Skies, and loved his SF debut. Like Annie, I am a longtime reader of SF (about 65 years–I am 73), and am adding Thomas Watson to my list of favorite authors.

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