What you don’t know CAN hurt you!

OK – so you are probably wondering who I am and why in the world I think I know what I am talking about 😛

My name is AnnMarie and I am a Work at Home mom. I have four little girls (yes my husband is going insane! ha!) and I have been a successful Internet Marketer for six years.

I have been training people in Social Media for about four.

I have successfully trained MANY people on how to use Social Media CORRECTLY. (oh, and believe me, there IS a correctly).

What does this have to do with you, since you are an author?

EVERYTHING =) You need to find people interested in your books.

The question is; how do you do it?

Well, first of all, I am going to touch on a subject that is the answer to everything. Whether you own a WalMart, a clothing store, a bakery, do referral marketing, OR sell your own books.


If you aren’t building a list for yourself – than you are building your foundation on sand instead of stone.
You are doing yourself a huge disservice.
This isn’t some new finagled idea, it’s been around forever.

For example; lets say that you are making AMAZING money selling your books on Amazon. They are selling like Hot Cakes.
NICE nice!!

Fast forward six months. Amazon changes some obscure crazy thing that you NEVER saw coming and suddenly your book sales plummet.

That wouldn’t be SUCH a big deal if you had a list of your loyal fans. Sure it would still suck donkey balls, but it wouldn’t be the end of your career. You wouldn’t have to start over from scratch.
YOU would be able to reach your target audience with your books, one way or another.

I can almost guarantee that MOST successful Indie Authors have their own list. I know Network Marketers do.

Aweber is the undisputed best auto responder out there. They have the highest rate of deliver-ability (not going to the spam folder. YES, even double opt-ins still get sent to spam sometimes).

Unfortunately their cheapest package runs at about 20 bucks a month.
So unless you feel like you can build a substantial list quickly – your best bet might be to go a cheaper route like MailChimp (I do believe they even have free options).

The biggest thing is to get a list GOING, no matter what you choose.

OK. I know the next question you are going to be asking yourself is:

“That’s great and all, but how do I go about making a list?”

I have seen some authors put a link to their mailing list at the end of their books. GENIUS! I’m not sure if there is some secret underground information club you guys use, but whoever thought of that was pretty brilliant.

So common sense and “DUH” but yet SOOOOOOOO many authors aren’t doing it. Obviously it’s not their fault, not everyone knows the tricks of the trade….That is where I come in 😉

So, to summarize:

Step one; get a list building mechanism.
Step two; add the link to the end of your existing books. Something along the lines of; Don’t miss my next book!

Even better if you leave your first book on a cliff hanger and it’s a part of a series. (Seriously though, it’s just plain vicious to leave your books on a cliffhanger! STOP DOING IT! LOL – j/k.)

Now, on to the tricky part.
Adding the opt-in link to the end of your books only works if you are selling lots of them already.
If you have only sold 50 copies of your books – you obviously aren’t going to have a very big list.

Not even every one of those 50 readers will subscribe. Some people guard their email address like it’s GOLD 😛

Here is where you NEED to get into social media.

Of COURSE it is not a MUST for everyone. If you are happy where you are, then that’s fine. Not everyone is cut out for the same things.
Just make sure you add the opt-in link to the end of your books.
That IS a must for everyone.

If however, you are one of the people who feel “They Sky is the Limit” you will want to explore social media for all it is worth.

Now, here is where it gets slightly depressing.


I know, I know……You want to write!!
Who has TIME to promote themselves???

You have a freaking MASTERPIECE to get out there, that’s why!

Because I want to find you and read your books! That’s why!

We live in a “microwave society”. We want it, and we want it NOW.
Unfortunately that is not how most things happen. We have to build a foundation. Good things take time.
Or is it good things come to those who wait? Whatever, same point.

It sucks.

Just think though. If you start dedicating just 30 min a day, or an hour a day, to learning the ropes. In six months, a year, two years you will be SO happy you just buckled down and DID it.

If someone would have told me six years ago that I would know how to do everything I know how to do…..I would have said you were crazy.

Actually, I would have thought you were speaking a different language

Mailing Lists?
Attraction Marketing?
Twitter?? WTH?

You CAN do it and it’s worth it! Believe me.

**Me going off on a tangent – ignore at will**
You know what I think intrigued me most when I found out how many Indie Authors were getting almost no exposure?

That being an Author is the absolute BEST thing to be.

Readers are voracious. I know I can read a book in a few days. Then on to the next one!

(Of course after the proper grieving time – LOL)

Even if every single Indie Author was successful; there would STILL be room for new authors and more books.
How flippin awesome is that?!

It’s not like a network marketing or affiliate marketing, where everyone is in competition with each other.


Wow. I actually meant to write about tricks of the trade when it comes to Twitter.
However, this post is already incredibly long. o.0

Mostly I need to stop so I can go to bed. Kiddo’s wake up WAY to early I tell ya.

So, stay tuned for some awesome tricks about twitter. Only the best things I have learned along the way.

For example:

1. How to get READERS to follow you. For Free. It’s so obvious I am sure that some of you have figured it out already.

2. Easy ways to purge your list.  (get rid of people who don’t follow you back)

3. How to get some noticed on Twitter.

4. What NOT to do on Twitter! LOL

Wait…did I just leave you on a cliffhanger? 😛

Learn how to get your target audience to follow you on twitter

Those of you who are wondering why I don’t have a larger following if I am “soooo good” at this stuff. I just started doing this about 2 weeks ago.
My blog went live last Tuesday I believe, and I am averaging about 100 unique views a day. So nothing really awesome, but for a baby blog it’s pretty cool! LOL
Also, I’m not “The Most Amazing Marketer Since Sliced Bread”….I just learned a TON over the past several years.

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  1. Love it! Thank you so much and love to the little girl. I am the author of 9 e-books in multiple genres and working on number 10. Sales are up and down but I want to learn how to get my work out there more, so I will definitively follow your blog

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