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For Lydia Ravencroft, life since her parents died when she was 15 has been very uneventful. She has lived and worked for the St. Damascus Catholic Church since that day. Now at almost 25, Lydia feels trapped in her every day existence. Living in utter destitute in her one room shack on the church grounds, she wishes for more. She decides to visit Ravencroft Manor, the home that she shared with her parents until their untimely demise. Something seems so strange about the house, especially when she discovers she was to inherit the residence when she became an adult.

Lydia’s life turns around completely when her favorite author, Phoenix Asher, suddenly moves to the town. She discovers that the author has relocated because he is the prime suspect in his girlfriend’s murder. Lydia is instantly drawn to Phoenix, but murderer or not, now that she has met him her life will change forever.


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