Spotlight Book of the Day! “The Deep Dark Well” by Doug Dandridge

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Pandora Latham was just a country girl from Alabama turned Kuiper Belt Miner. The last thing Pandi expected was to run into a ship from the future on the outskirts of Sol system. Even less expected was that the ship would fall apart while she was inside it, the Universe correcting the paradox. The wormhole in the center of the ship beckoned, and Pandi jumped through, forty thousand years into the future. She arrived on a massive station built around a black hole. Once the center of a Galactic Civilization, the station was used to generate wormhole gates linking the Cosmos. The empty station is a memorial to the civilization that once was.

One survivor, an immortal being called Watcher, remains, guarding the secrets of the station from those who covet its advanced technology. Watcher, lonely from his self-enforced exile, befriends Pandi. Soon the woman from Alabama discovers that there is more to Watcher than is apparent on the surface. What was Watcher’s part in the fall of civilization? The answer to this question will determine whether Pandora Latham survives in this world, or becomes just one more death added to the trillions who went before her.

Grand adventure in the tradition of Larry Niven and Poul Anderson, set in a far future in which many struggle for supremacy, and one woman from the past will decide the winner.

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I enjoyed this one all the way through, and the beginning didn’t give a hint at where it was going to end. I especially like the way Dandridge introduces limitations on the end-time hardware. Star Trek’s easy technology is just that, easy. This book presents tremendous technologies, but each have their limitations and even hazards, something all to true in life. High speed sub-light travel with the downside of braking to deal with, not something dealt with in traditional sci-fi much. The author left open the possibility to follow the characters for further adventures. I hope he follows up on this. Great read with more solid detail than is typical. – Runningbear

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