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Charlie Nitric is an eclectic writer, whose stories will keep you entertained for hours. In his debut collection of shorts, he takes the reader on a roller coaster of hilarious life experiences.

Still very much a kid at heart, Charlie is constantly observing the world around him. Then, with the incredible imagination of a child, he plays with those experiences until the unimaginable becomes the imaginable for his readers.

Nitric presents an assorted array of eighteen colorful stories that will undoubtedly leave you wanting more. He entertains his readers with his humorous and original storytelling ability. From a good, hearty laughing fest to crying out in anticipation, readers can’t help but become completely mesmerized with whatever he puts before them.

Rich in excitement, each short story is jam-packed with entertainment that will keep you highly amused and eager to jump into the next. “LOL” is the kind of reading that forces laughter to abruptly escape your throat without warning.
Nitric’s debut is filled with writing that is astonishingly relatable (even when it is totally and completely implausible). The author always manages to illicit some emotion or another out of his readers. Whether that emotion is inspiration, frustration, belly-busting laughter, or simply joy, Nitric’s constant goal is to have his readers feel each scene right along with him.

He writes “Strive each day towards your own joy,” encouraging readers to be grateful each day for what they have in their lives. Nitric’s writing is proof that if you take in all the experiences around you and simply let yourself smile about them, life truly is an enjoyable ride. Often times, the cruise is hilarious.

From rodents to dentures to divorces to French kissing, every reader is bound to fall in love with the extremely funny tales in this book.

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Still don’t believe me? Just take a look at some of the reviews!

“This Book gives you what the title promised a lot of laugh-out-loud moments and many hilarious situations.
Every story has its own unique way to make you want to keep reading to next and then the next… before you know it the Book is ended and left you wishing for more.
If you buy this book make sure to read at home or someplace safe…so you can save yourself the weird eyes looking at you rolling down at the floor from laughter.
Charlies Nitric writing is so colorful and full humor that make it easy for the reader to love his Book.
I’m looking forward to read any new book of this writer.He is now on my must read list.”      – Stauroylla Papadopoulou

“With all the stress and strife most of us seem to face each day, sometimes you just need a good, old fashioned belly laugh. A true “laugh out loud” moment. You know the kind I’m talking about. The humorous anecdotes that would cause you to spew your drink when you heard/read them? The kind where you laugh so hard that you develop that side stitch, causing the peals of laughter to come out more like a gasping for air?

You will find that within the pages of Charlie Nitric’s LOL. He rambles from one off-the-wall subject to another with ease. These stories cover everything from the never ending battle of the sexes regarding the proper placement of the toilet seat lid in ‘The Precious Pulpit’ to the hysterical antics of a flock skillful birds in ‘Bulls Eye.’

A bit of satirical humor is addressed in ‘Hog Land’ which was my favorite story, since it is something that would happen to me!
Thank you, Charlie, for providing moments of pure laughter! Each story was a welcome respite from the daily grind and a true joy to read.”Ashley Fontainne “Ashley

Go ahead, make your day a little brighter! Laughter is the best medicine =)

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